Artist Virginia Haines

I have been creating, drawing and painting as a self-taught artist.   I also continued studies by attending many watercolor, oil, and pastel workshops when available.

I spend  most of my spare time in my studio, always planning a new approach to a surrealistic landscape painting in one of my mediums, watercolor as top choice, then oils, acrylics, or experimental projects for fun.

After many years of painting landscapes and wildlife, techniques and use of color have been constantly upgraded. I am constantly exploring many new ideas and use of various mediums while trying more creative approaches and new subject matter in my compositions. Artist supplies and sources offer more opportunities to try new products and exciting experimental painting.
I enjoy trying some abstracts, new techniques, use of brighter colors both in my landscapes and other subject matter. My passion for painting gives me constant reminder that there is always more to learn through new challenges.

I have given art instructions in watercolor, watercolor on Yupo Paper, acrylics, and oil painting. I enjoyed setting up group outdoor painting groups. I offer private lessons in my studio on a one-on-one basis in my Hudson WI home.

Memberships and honors:
Minnesota Watercolor Society
NorthStar Watermedia Society, National Watermedia Society

Mid-Southern Watercolor Society (signature Status)
Artists of Northwest Arkansas, (Signature Status)

Community Arts Base, River Falls WI
Phipps Art Center, Hudson WI

Marshland Mallards