Artist Virginia Haines

Cedarleaf Point

Morning Flight










I was born and raised in the small village of Pierz, surrounded by the rich prairies and farmlands of North Central Minnesota.  As a little girl and teenager, I spent my spring weekends and summer months at the family lakehome, where many species of ducks swam along the shoreline and the woods was abundant with wildlife. I admired the beautiful birch trees as they stood so creamy white and bold among numerous evergreens, ponds, lakes and creeks. Creating, drawing and painting became my passion and pastime.

Education in the arts was not available for studies in the local area. In high school, art classes were provided. I was taught all basics of drawing, shapes, extensive value studies and practiced on large papers to learn perspective drawing, one of the most necessary tools in drawing.

While traveling with Air Force career husband, I pursued all educational opportunities wherever he was stationed. The Massachusetts Springfield Museum of art was my true beginning in the ‘art world’ where I studied techniques in oil painting under a famous instructor, Walter Foster Stevens. In later years, I learned that this artist was publisher of the Foster art book series.

Throughout my travels, I continued studies under many well known artists offering workshops in Ohio, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Minnesota. I attended watercolor workshops in Minnesota taught by artists, Judi Betts, Frank Webb, Robert E. Woods, and many others. In Arkansas, Tony Couch offered three long workshops that I attended. Couch was a dedicated student and follower of Edward Whitney, the ‘Father of Watercolors’ and he stressed the Principles of Elements and Design, an unforgettable treasure trove of information for my lifetime. My passion for the watercolor medium comes first over all other mediums. I enjoy Oil Painting and Casein, but love the spontanaity and looseness of the watercolor medium.

Marshland Mallards